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  1. The website is also available on the iPod touch devices connected to the internet via a WiFi connection.
Why iOS?

A few reasons why the section called "iOS", and not just "iPhone".
Both devices and the iPhone (the phone) and iPod touch (media) are running the same Operating System: iOS.
Software written for the iPhone works on the iPod touch, except for only those programs that use the capabilities of cellular communication, or embedded GPS-navigation module.
Navigating the Information menu on both devices is identical.

1. Well you can see - read
2. Convenient - the standard menu
3. Quick - only the main
4. Just - at any time
5. Modern - no comments

If the details:

The user will be more convenient and easier to understand the information web site, using the familiar (standard), a navigation system.
The screen resolution is not always able to display the menu items to allow the web site and the information on it readable the first time. To do this you will need to increase some of the screen are more likely to use the scroll, etc.

Information is transmitted much less - it means the user is not only fast, but also profitable.

This iPhone-add on the website allows you to use your existing database. Optimization touches, mainly the look of the display of results and creation of additional queries to the database.

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